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How to Add Azure K8s Cluster on Lens?


To navigate a K8S Cluster locally, you need a tool, like Lens.

If the cluster is stored on Azure:

Find the cluster connection info on Azure

First of all, head to Azure Portal, under the Kubernetes services section:

Kubernetes services list

Then, choose the Cluster to import, navigate to Overview > Connect K8S instance Connect button

Store configurations locally

On your local machine, open a Powershell - Powershell, not Azure CLI, and run:

  1. az login
  2. az account set --subscription ........ (see full command on Azure UI - see below)
  3. az aks get-credentials ...... (see full command on Azure UI - see below), using an additional flag --file to organize credentials by project. Eg: az aks get-credentials ..... --flag C:\Users\davide.bellone\.kube\my-project-config
  4. Navigate to the path specified in the --file path to check that the credentials have been stored;
  5. Open Lens, and import the configurations.

Connection commands displayed on Azure